Our Certified
Hereford Beef program

Excellence built by tradition

Quality, coherence and coexistence

The Certified Hereford Beef Choice and Prime programs are USDA Choice and Prime (preferred) products that provide the naturally tender, juicy and flavorful beef your customers have come to expect.

Certified Hereford Beef cuts are renowned for their consistent size and uniform plate presentation, a high-quality beef program that provides an exceptional culinary experience.

Our Choice and Prime products provide chefs and consumers with the plate coverage and performance for today’s cost-competitive menu.

Advantages of CHB

Exceed consumer quality standards with Certified Hereford Beef and deliver an elite product with the following specifications:

Tools and training

Our marketing tools and resources will help you drive sales and increase profits by communicating the Certified Hereford Beef advantage. Photographs, trainings and more resources.

Our Black Angus

Raised and grazed in the United States

The Creekstone difference

Creekstone Farms’ number one priority is quality and consistency, and we strive to deliver this in every cut. We started with the end in mind and have a program unmatched in the meat industry. From our focus on hand-selecting our Black Angus cattle to our humane handling and state-of-the-art processing and production practices, we always focus on quality. This attention to detail adds to a dining experience that you will want over and over again.

Angus meat

Black Angus cattle have long been known to create more tender beef with superior flavor. Most Black Angus programs select their cattle solely for their fur color. Our cattle are hand selected to be the best of the best and represent true Black Angus genetics. Only one in 100 cattle represents the Creekstone brand.

Tenderness treatment

The humane and safe handling of our livestock is as important to us as it is to you. We maintain the welfare of our livestock at all times. We are the only working meat plant that was designed from the ground up by Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the leading experts in animal welfare today. It is designed to keep animals calm and relaxed. Our employees attend mandatory livestock handling training. Not only is this lower level of stress better for both the cattle and the keeper, which translates into better meat.

Raised and grazed in USA

All of our cattle and are raised their entire lives in the United States. We work with farming and ranching families and we know where our cattle came from. When you buy Premium Blanck Angus beef from Creekstone Farms you can be sure that you are getting healthy and safe food for all consumers. Our program is certified by the USDA, a distinction obtained only by a small and select group of producers and marketers. his certification requires USDA classifiers in our plant to examine all raw meat to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and meet certification requirements.